Location: New York City College of Technology (CUNY), 2nd Floor Lounge at 285 Jay Street

The NYCML’19 Demo Expo will host early-stage startup concepts from emerging entrepreneurs that are applying new technologies. The startup pavilion is a great way for investors and executives to meet the next wave of talent, while getting to know pre-seed companies as they continue to refine their ideas on campus. Many of the startups in this pavilion are faculty and students who are in the process of market validation and customer discovery, and are working through bootcamps and university-affiliated accelerator programs.

Participating Teams

Graceful Ray
Columbia University, Electrical Engineering

Graceful Ray brings the real world to virtual by creating photo-realistic 3D captures of any object or scene.

Window Solar Charger
School of Visual Arts, Interaction Design (IxD)

The Window Solar Charger is a designer solar panel that charges your devices. Unlike most solar panels, it's designed to hang in any window. For those who rent or can’t install solar panels on their roof, this is a small way to be more eco-friendly.

Columbia University, Computer Science

echoAR (; Techstars '19) is a cloud platform for augmented reality (AR) that provides tools and server-side infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy AR apps and content.

NYU Computer Science and Brown University Computer Science

Geopipe automatically builds rich 3D digital twins of the real world for gaming, simulation, architecture, and beyond. We make it possible to instantly build games in huge, immersive environments.

My Brain and Me
Columbia University Irvine Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry

My Brain and Me is a digital media platform in which individuals can upload their brain MRI and use an interactive user interface to explore and learn about their own brain. Like 23andme, but for brain scans, the platform aims to crowdsource data and help speed up mental health research.

The New School, Design & Technology
Ovee is a sexual & reproductive health hub for people with vaginas.

The King's College, Stanford University and Columbia University

VettNews wants to build a corrections dashboard that improves the accuracy, transparency, workflow, speed and efficiency of newsroom corrections processes. This fits with our company's mission of making citizens more savvy about the news media and news organizations more transparent with the public.

Cornell Tech, MBA

Grow is the platform for personal growth. Grow facilitates personal growth through the wisdom of your team with continuous and actionable feedback in the flow of work.

CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice and NYU Tandon School of Engineering

eWitness is a blockchain backed technology that creates islands of trust by establishing the origin and proving the integrity of media captured on cameras. With eWitness, seeing can be believing again.

Columbia University, Communications, Media, and Learning Technology Design

Justify is an ed tech app that teaches youth to critically assess digital information through evidence based argumentation. It engages audiences in learning through dialogue and media literacy practices.

The New School, Design & Technology

A web-based design app that makes brand design easy and accessible for all users.

Piki NYC
Cornell Tech

Piki helps you explore live music shows in NYC, based on the songs you love. Watch short music clips and decide what you like, while the algorithm finds the shows you won't wanna miss.

The New School, Strategic Design and Management

One size does not fit all anymore. People want to use thoughtful products and items and want to feel special and better. At JAIYOU we combine fashion and technology into orthotics, sports medicine and functional wearables.

Rx.Health Asthma Program
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY

The Bronx, NY has the highest rate of adult asthma in the country (~17%), and health providers have little knowledge of important patient asthma symptoms outside of clinic visits. Our demo provides a unique digital program to deliver educational content and gather patient reported symptoms through a HIPAA secure system.