Demo Expo + Startup Pavilion Map

Please search for your demo name to find your table assignment. The Demo Expo at NYCML’19 will be spread across three locations. Learn more about the location assigned to you once you find your table number.

your Agenda for Thursday, September 26, 2019

10:00AM: Arrival & Registration at New York City College of Technology (CUNY). Please check in the first floor lobby at the Demo Expo registration table. The address is: 285 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. This is the address for the new building. It looks like this. Your name badge will be at this location.

10:15AM: SET UP YOUR DEMO! Once you check in, please head to your table / location to start getting set up. Once your demo is set up, you are welcome to go to the theatre to watch the show until it is time to demo.

11:00AM-11:30AM: Eat Pizza! Pizza will be served in the CUNY Gym and at the NYU MakerSpace. Please eat in the atrium areas and do not bring food into the expo halls.

12:15PM: Pizza will be broken down.

12:30-1:00PM: Demo Expo opens! All demos must be set up.

5:00PM: Demos close to the public. Please break down your demo and plan to leave the space by 6:00PM.


What should I expect for space and power?
Most demos were each assigned a 5-foot table. There will be power strips located along every each two tables. If your demo is sharing a table with another team, it is because you indicated that demo does not require a lot of space. Please be prepared to share space and power with your colleagues!

What is the WIFI?
Wifi will be given out the day of the event. Look for the wifi signs with the password in each location.

What is the event like? NYCML’19 is a very public event! Be ready to be photographed, video recorded, tweeted, and publicized. Document yourself with the #NYCML19 hashtag.

Can I register a team member or classmate to help out on the day? Yes you can! Please register them with the code DEMO at the Eventbrite page here and remember to write in the name of your demo on the check-out form.

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Don’t forget to download whova!

Each demo listed is on the Whova application. Whova lists the contact information of each team lead.

Please remember to download Whova and share pictures of your demo throughout the day!

You can also use Whova to save the contact details of people visiting your table to remind yourself to follow up with them later.

About the Demo Award Live Poll on Whova

NYC Media Lab has invited attendees to participate in a live poll during our Demo Expo and Startup Pavilion. At the end of the event, we will tally the top three exhibiting teams that have the most "likes" and issue prizes those teams in the sum of $500 each. The Live Poll award will go to a team that did not win another NYCML'19 Demo Expo award, and should be seen as an overall honorable mention. Make sure you encourage people visiting your table to like your project on Whova!

Location 1: Gymnasium, New York City College of Technology (CUNY)

Address: 285 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Location in building: The gym is located on the Lower Level. From the Demo Expo registration table, please take the stairs directly down, or take the elevator one floor down. You will see signs leading to the stairs and the elevator.


Demos in this location:

01 (CUNY Gym) Project Fovea

02 (CUNY Gym) Visus: An Interactive System for Machine Learning Model Building and Curation

03 (CUNY Gym) Lamboozled! A Game-Based Approach to News Literacy

04 (CUNY Gym) Plastic Seas

05 (CUNY Gym) Hypertouch

06 (CUNY Gym) Magnetic Fields

07 (CUNYGym) Breathing Chair

08 (CUNY Gym) INHUBBER blockchain-based B2B SaaS Contract Management Platform

09 (CUNY Gym) Predictive Measures on Chronic Kidney Disease

10 (CUNY Gym) Five Facts About Tears

11 (CUNY Gym) iBEGOO

12 (CUNY Gym) Let's read a story

13 (CUNY Gym) Machine Timing

14 (CUNY Gym) Political Visual Literacy App

15 (CUNY Gym) Smart-Tagging

16 (CUNY Gym) Impossible Cities: Teaching Students to use VR/360 in Cross-campus Collaborations in the Global Digital Humanities

17 (CUNY Gym) Floating in the sky - VR experience

18 (CUNY Gym) Pain killer

19 (CUNY Gym) Ghosted AR

20 (CUNY Gym)

21 (CUNY Gym) Reconstructing intelligible speech from the human brain

22 (CUNY Gym) The Coffee Shop Mystery: An AR-Enabled Mystery Adventure


24 (CUNY Gym) RLab

25 (CUNY Gym) The Melody Box

26 (CUNY Gym) WeProductive

27 (CUNY Gym) Mapper's Delight: Rap Research Lab

28 (CUNY Gym) Electric Dream

29 (CUNY Gym) Mosquitoes vs. Humans

30 (CUNY Gym) NewsGamer

31 (CUNY Gym) Sounds Of New York City (SONYC) - Smart urban noise monitoring



34 (CUNY Gym) Magic Leap

35 (CUNY Gym) It Wasn't Written

36 (CUNY Gym) Soundyssey

37 (CUNY Gym) HugMatch

38 (CUNY Gym) Modular Buses

39 (CUNY Gym) Emotion Recognition Lighting Design

40 (CUNY Gym) "Pat Me" Robot

41 (CUNY Gym) Requet: Real-Time QoE Detection for Encrypted YouTube Traffic

42 (CUNY Gym) BabyLab

43 (CUNY Gym) Hello, Strangers

44 (CUNY Gym) Conscious

45 (CUNY Gym) Movement One Labs

46 (CUNY Gym) Instruvis

47 (CUNY Gym) Cadmium


49 (CUNY Gym) IoTshirt

50 (CUNY Gym) The Mall VR - Online Shopping in Virtual Reality

51 (CUNY Gym) Designing Tactile Schematics

51 (CUNY Gym) User Experience Capacity-Building (UXCB)

52 (CUNY Gym) CUNY Central

53 (CUNY Gym) The Boxing Coach (Powered by FitKO) [Resubmission with accurate email address]

54 (CUNY Gym) Adulting

55 (CUNY Gym)

55 (CUNY Gym) Lost bits

56 (CUNY Gym) While You Wait

57 (CUNY Gym) Immersive Storytelling of Rohingya Refugee Experience

58 (CUNY Gym) Ofelia

59 (CUNY Gym) OnRecord

60 (CUNY Gym) Decent Edtech Hub

60 (CUNY Gym Flair

61 (CUNY Gym) RLab: Stories of the Future


63 (CUNY Gym) Bounce! Collaborative VR for Low-Latency Interaction

64 (CUNY Gym) Visceral Science: Grasping the Universe through Virtual Reality

65 (CUNY Gym) PrintCade:Invaders

66 (CUNY Gym) 5G-COVET

67 (CUNY Gym) The VR Chemistry Lab

68 (CUNY Gym) The Story of an Oyster Reef

69 (CUNY Gym) Digital Arrest

70 (CUNY Gym) After Image

Location 2: MakerSpace, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Address: 6 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Directions: The Makerspace is just a few buildings down on Jay Street. See the map here. The MakerSpace is on the first floor of the building, to the right of the lobby. You will need your name badge from the Demo Expo registration table in the CUNY building before you can go to MakerSpace to set up.


Demos in this location:

71 (NYU MakerSpace) Measuring Channel Dynamics for Next Generation Wireless Networks

72 (NYU MakerSpace) Check you!

73 (NYU MakerSpace) Good Vibrations

74 (NYU MakerSpace) The Ping Pong Machine

75 (NYU MakerSpace) FEELIT: A Small Box Used To Sense Weather

76 (NYU MakerSpace) Mobile Remote Collaboration

77 (NYU MakerSpace) LostBytes

78 (NYU MakerSpace) Conquer Sleepy Driving with the Movie Genie + Alexa

79 (NYU MakerSpace) Blips & Blobs, Visualizing the large scale of Invisible Signals into the Small World of a Slime Mold Growing Patterns

80 (NYU MakerSpace) FLXO | plug-and-play soft robotics inspired by origami and 3D printing.

81 (NYU MakerSpace) Recipe Controller

82 (NYU MakerSpace) MakerBrace

83 (NYU MakerSpace) Cosmic Harp

84 (NYU MakerSpace) Future Dining

84 (NYU MakerSpace) Islands of Sound

85 (NYU MakerSpace) Crater Creators

Location 3: 2Nd Floor Lounge, New York City College of Technology (CUNY)
This is the Startup Pavilion!

Address: 285 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Location in building: The 2nd floor lounge is located in the theatre mezzanine area. From the Demo Expo registration table, please follow the signs up to to the area. You can get there via the staircase in the theatre entry way, or by taking the elevator up to the 2nd floor.


Demos in this location:

86 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) JAIYOU

87 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) Typogram

88 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) Grow

89 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) AR Promptbox

90 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) Window Solar Charger

91 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) My Brain and Me

92 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) Piki NYC

93 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) Geopipe

94 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) Rx.Health Asthma Program

95 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) Justify

96 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) VettNews

97 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) eWitness

98 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) echoAR

99 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) Graceful Ray

100 (CUNY 2nd Floor Lounge) Ovee