NYCML’19 Demo Expo

Thursday, September 26, 2019 (1:00PM - 5:00PM)
Locations: New York City College of Technology (CUNY) & NYU Tandon School of Engineering MakerSpace

NYCML’19 will host 100 demonstrations of emerging media and technology prototypes, each created by talented faculty, students, and startups from across the City’s campuses. At the Lab's signature science fair, attendees will interact with new technological innovations while networking with skilled creators, designers, engineers, and up-and-coming startup executives. The NYCML’19 Demo Expo will prominently feature new projects within the below core technology areas. Browse the list of demos by category below; demos will be announced on a rolling basis through September 2019.

NYCML’19 Demo Expo Judges

NYC Media Lab has invited the following Member Representatives to serve as judges for this year’s NYCML’19 Demo Expo Awards. Leveraging their expertise in emerging technology and corporate innovation, judges will help select grand, first, second, and third prize winners that total $25,000 in awards.

Future Interfaces & Spatial Computing

VR, AR, 360 video, volumetric capture, motion capture, brain-computer interfaces, human-computer interaction, IoT, wearables

Reconstructing Intelligible Speech from the Human Brain
Columbia University, Electrical Engineering

This project records the brain signals of subjects listening to speech with invasive electrodes, and shows intelligible reconstruction of speech from the neural responses.

Project Fovea
Columbia University, Computer Science

A generative video format that uses eye tracking to present content on 2-D displays. Potential uses of attention-derived production of advertising and film content (in 2-D and mixed reality) are discussed.

Hello, Strangers
Pratt Institute

An augmented reality travel experience that allows users to share stories, connect with locals and learn from the experts.

It Wasn’t Written
The New School, Design & Technology
This VR and volumetric capture music video reveals an alternative history of how powerful countries have affected the Korean Peninsula. The team produced a new K-pop song and performance for immersive encounters with viewers, and shows how Korean history is often overlooked by mainstream Western media.

Future Dining
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

An augmented reality project that represents the future of dining after all foods have gone extinct.

The New School, Design & Technology

“Adulting” is a VR game dedicated to answering the concerns of my father. It addresses his curiosity and worries about his daughter's daily challenges and growth as a graduate student living abroad.

The New School, Design & Technology

Conscious is a futuristic time keeping device allowing the user to continuously feel time. It is a watch that conveys time by sensory route of touch.

Floating in the Sky: VR Experience
NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Integrated Digital Media (IDM)

Floating in the sky is a first person interactive narrative VR experience, which allows you to escape from a stressful city and fly through a magnificent dream land.

The New School, Design & Technology

This game aims to criticize the application of CRISPR technology on the human in a possible future. It is a game happening in a future utopian society which all humans are born with CRISPR technology.

The Boxing Coach (Powered by FitKO)
CUNY, Mechanical Engineering

An interactive boxing bag wrap that guides users through high intensity interval training exercises. The goal is to reinvent the way people exercise and get them to exercise more often.

The Mall VR - Online Shopping in Virtual Reality
Columbia University, Economics & Statistics

The Mall VR is the new paradigm of online shopping. Through virtual reality and deep learning, you can import your body in another world and try clothes on to see how they will really fit. People from all over the world will finally be able to shop together.

Plastic Seas
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

This is an excerpt from a 360 video documentary that explores the life of a plastic bottle. Meant as an educational tool, this video follows a plastic bottle from the bodega to the trash bin in order to get viewers to reconsider the impact of single-use plastic on our world.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Integrated Digital Media (IDM)

This T-shirt enhances the connection among people who live in different places around the world. The T-shirt can record 1-minute videos and sync them with other T-shirts through the cloud, and then play videos of other T-shirts on its LED panel.

Electric Dream
The New School, Design & Technology

Electric Dream is a VR experience that intends to provoke the boundary between reality and a simulated digital world. The experience juxtaposes the role and form of real human and virtual instagram celebrities in VR.

Conquer Sleepy Driving with the Movie Genie + Alexa
NYU School of Professional Studies

The Movie Genie is a voice assistant designed to keep drivers awake and engaged. Once activated, Movie Genie can keep a driver awake through specific vehicle interactions, and with the help of Alexa, it can guide drivers through voice enabled movie games.

"Pat Me" Robot
The New School, Design & Technology

“Pat Me” is an emotional robot designed for the lonely people who need company and comfort.

Recipe Controller
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

This smart apron prototype makes cooking simpler and cleaner. Users can navigate online videos simply by tapping conductive symbols on the apron.

NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

We designed “PainKiller” for women suffering from period pain. The project relieves period pain both physically and mentally through physical therapy (a heating pad on the abdomen that can help dysmenorrhea) and mental therapy (light effects that create the sense of energy and calmness).

The Story of an Oyster Reef
The New School, Design & Technology

A multi-player Virtual Reality experience invites participants to become Citizen Scientists, while helping to clean up and restore an oyster reef at the bottom of the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey. The experience aims to encourage a more biodiverse and clean river.

Ghosted AR
NYU Courant Institute

Surprise, you're dead! But the big guy downstairs has a deal for you: you can get back to life on Earth, but you've got to select one of these ghosts to haunt you for the rest of your days. It's speed-dating from hell. Literally.

Movement One Labs
NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Veterans Future Lab

Movement One is a controller and custom game designed for stroke survivors who have lost the use of the their hand. Attendees will be able to use the Movement One themselves along with a version of Tetris modified for stroke rehabilitation.

The VR Chemistry Lab
Columbia University, Teachers College

The VR Chemistry Lab is a prototype that demonstrates future possibilities of high school chemistry in VR. It is an educational simulation as well as an immersive game. It was created for research purposes with an eye toward potential commercialization.

Brookhaven Community College

A key element in music is to visualize the sound generated to help the audience understand the mood of the composition. Instruvis uses colors to represent the amplitude, frequency and the pitch of the sound.

Breathing Chair
The New School, Design & Technology

Breathing Chair is a state-changing chair that nudges people to stand up physically to avoid the health risks of prolonged sitting. This concept is from object-centered design, in which objects shape human beings, unlike conventional human-centered products.

Bounce! Collaborative VR for Low-Latency Interaction
Columbia University, Computer Science

Two attendees in VR collaboratively roll and bounce a virtual ball on a platform. Low-latency networking is crucial for effective collaboration in this scenario, which is applicable to remote therapist-patient interaction for motor rehabilitation.

Mobile Remote Collaboration

A lightweight remote collaboration approach, with the integration of AR and VR devices, both running on mobile platforms is proposed and implemented.

AR Promptbox
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program

AR Promptbox is an augmented reality audio utility for stage actors to help them rehearse and learn their lines. The mobile app leverages 3D spatial audio and the Bose AR audio sunglasses and headphones, which have built-in gyroscope, compass and motion sensors.

Good Vibrations
Weill Cornell University

Good Vibrations allows you to enter a new reality where you are free of debilitating tremors via sampling their trajectory and canceling their velocity. This occurs at 3x tremor frequency resulting in instantaneous hand stabilization to manipulate digital environments and feel free of the disease.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering, MakerSpace

This project concerns the design and fabrication of low-cost, highly adaptable, 3D-printed devices for patients with cerebral palsy. Through a partnership with NYU Langone, this team is able to tailor devices for individual patient’s needs and adapt for their convenience.

Columbia University
iBEGOO is a multi-purpose and multi-user software that aims to democratize and automate the process creating immersive experiences through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. iBEGOO gives access to and assists artists, storytellers, directors, producers, community organizers, and educators to create and share their stories.

Keyless Synthesizer
New York City College of Technology (CUNY)

This team is designing and developing a model that can help children with special needs stimulate their brainwaves. There is a lack of proper toys for kids with special needs in the current market; this team seeks to make toys easy to learn and enjoyable.

Edible Apartment
RLab Creathon “Stories of the Future 2030” Winner
Using a combination of geo-location, 3D modeling and spatial computing, this mixed reality application gives consumers a powerful tool and a one-stop shop to easily integrate hydroponic and other elegant indoor growing systems into their living spaces. Edible Apartment lets users make their homes beautiful, healthy and delicious by leveraging under-utilized square footage of apartments across New York City and around the world.


AI, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, voice technology, data visualization, cybersecurity

Political Visual Literacy App
Columbia University, Tow Center for Digital Journalism and the DVMM Lab

An app to help photographers and photojournalists detect and identify unfamiliar visual symbols (particularly political ones) on flags, clothes, tattoos etc. The demo will show the app detecting symbols in some sample photographs.

Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

Hindsight's Smart-Tagging predictive technology pre-identifies search terms in an article and attaches internal related content from that publication, further context on the topic, and highly targeted advertising, all accessible to the reader with a click on the term. The type and search action is now a click or hover action.

Cosmic Harp
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Cosmic Harp is a laser stringed harp which allows the user to hear what is otherwise invisible. The laser becomes visible when it’s being played, creating a metaphor of how Cosmic Harp helps us to “see” the invisible problem of human pollution in space.

Sounds Of New York City (SONYC) - Smart urban noise monitoring
New York University, Music and Audio Research Laboratory (MARL)

An urban sound monitoring system powered by cutting edge machine listening to help mitigate noise pollution.

Let's read a story
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

This project is an exploration on how computers and technology can turn story time into a conversation between parents, children and a computer. It takes the corpus and investigates the connections between different characters and themes in a new and fun way using machine learning language models.

The New School, Design & Technology

Conduit is an interactive installation that exposes a young Asian female’s public facing versus private facing expressive mouth in a public open space to represent three dimensions of self-revelation: the intimate, presenting, and surveilled self. I am revealing myself to you, hopefully you could take away some part of yourself.

Blips & Blobs, Visualizing the large scale of Invisible Signals into the Small World of a Slime Mold Growing Patterns
The New School, Design & Technology

Blips and Blobs visualizes different patterns of slime growth by decoding signals captured from NOAA satellites that generate unique multicellular structures. The project aims to show the vast non-perceivable nature of data around us by combining satellite data (large-scale/human-made) and slime mold growing process (small-scale/natural) into one system.

Visus: An Interactive System for Machine Learning Model Building and Curation
NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Visus is a system that integrates AutoML, data search, and information visualization technology to help users to build end-to-end machine learning solutions. Visus guides users throughout the model building process, and thus enables data scientists and domain experts with no machine learning knowledge to build robust predictive models.

Predictive Measures on Chronic Kidney Disease
NYU Computer Science

This demo is centered around the design, accuracy, and fairness of machine learning models that predict chronic kidney disease.

Check you!
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Check you! uses physical data visualization and digital fabrication to show the control and power between China and the US. The chess display is made with economic data from the United States and China within the past 30 years.The board displays world conflict data (battles and wars) between 1989 to 2018.

Decent Edtech Hub
Columbia University, Instructional Technology and Media

Decent Edtech Hub introduces unique Maker Education and Blockchain learning workshops for students to reflect on their communities and acquire technological skills for democratizing learning.
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), an interactive, crowdsourced timeline of all history: creating and visualizing a definitive world database of time events.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Lost Bytes developed an AI driven system the Anaerobic Pyrolysis Generator (APG). It converts food waste into electricity, heat and fertilizer with a zero waste approach. It reduces the amount of methane in the atmosphere while making waste reduction easy and reducing energy costs.

INHUBBER blockchain-based B2B SaaS Contract Management Platform
Columbia University, Teachers College

B2B SaaS Contract Management Platform based on Blockchain and Business Process Model (BPM) technologies. Blockchain the provides digital signatures, E2E encryptions and audit trails at virtually no cost.

Queens College (CUNY)

A "note-taking" android application for medical professionals that uses speech-to-text to transcribe words into notes, including a feature to analyze words. The application uses the analyzed words to generate a diagnosis along with any corresponding possible treatments.


5G infrastructure, wireless, computer science, electrical engineering

Designing Tactile Schematics
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

To make electronics more accessible to blind and low vision learners, a set of design standards and best practices were developed for converting schematics into tactile schematics.

5G Enabled Collaborative Mixed Reality Classroom
New York University

Students work together in teams to construct and manipulate virtual models, form hypotheses, and test those hypotheses in real time.

Modular Buses
Pratt Institute

Safer. Faster. Better. Our Autonomous Modular Bus System aims to reduce congestion in NYC while providing faster travel times with less hassle for all New Yorkers. We believe that by implementing the appropriate technologies and practices, buses can become the preferred method of travel, over Ubers and Subways.

Measuring Channel Dynamics for Next Generation Wireless Networks
NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Millimeter wave frequencies are a key enabler for next generation wireless networks, but these signals propagate differently from those in current wifi and cellular systems. In this demo, we are showing a purpose-built measurement system used to investigate millimeter wave channel dynamics.

NYU, Electrical and Computer Engineering

5G-COVET is an educational suite that offers K-12 STEM labs based on a Virtual Reality version of the popular “escape rooms” experience. More particularly, students visit each set of virtual educational labs and collaboratively solve riddles and puzzles in order to move to the next virtual room.

UNSUNG, An Augmented Reality Storybox
Movers & Shakers

UNSUNG is an interactive, multiplayer AR learning experience. Students can read through passages about female icons of color and answer multiple choice questions within a mobile app. Correct answers will unlock different rooms related to the subject's lives that students can explore.

Visceral Science: Grasping the Universe through Virtual Reality
Columbia University, Center for Theoretical Physics

Visceral Science: Grasping the Universe through Virtual Reality is an immersive VR experience inviting users to explore inaccessible realms, including stars, planets, black holes, and galaxies. A winner of the Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge, it is designed for middle school audiences interested in STEM learning.

Requet: Real-Time QoE Detection for Encrypted YouTube Traffic
Columbia University, Computer Science

As video traffic dominates the Internet, operators need to detect video Quality of Experience (QoE) to ensure video traffic support; however, with deployment of end-to-end encryption, network packet-based detection is becoming ineffective. To resolve this issue, Requet enables real-time QoE metric detection for encrypted video traffic using machine learning.

FLXO | plug-and-play soft robotics inspired by origami and 3D printing.
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

FLXO is an ongoing research project which combines origami and desktop 3D printing to easily fabricate durable soft actuators. Additionally it is designed to integrate with the VeX robotics platform for modular, plug-and-play exploration of soft robotic mechanisms.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

The 1:5 scaled flying car prototype is a transformable drone that can be driven on the ground and flied manually by a 9-Channel remote controller or autonomously.

Mapper’s Delight
Rap Research Lab

Mapper’s Delight is a STEAM-driven mixed reality environment that allows students to explore geography through hip-hop. Working with our database of hundreds of thousands of rap songs from 1979 to the present day, students explore the secret flows and hidden layers of hip-hop’s sociology, history and linguistic innovations. Mapper’s Delight provides the means for teachers and students to collaborate using engaging visualizations, cultural relevance, and a project-based approach to data science and experimentation.

Creative Technology, Journalism & Future of Storytelling

Creative coding, immersive or artistic installation, UI/UX, speculative or civic concepts

Digital Arrest
Columbia University, SAFE Lab & NYU Tandon School of Engineering
In this virtual reality experience, the viewer becomes Jarrell Daniels, a young black man whose social media life fueled conspiracy charges leading to a six-year prison sentence in a New York prison. Digital Arrest explores how social media can be used as a tool for policing in the 21st century.

Immersive Storytelling of Rohingya Refugee Experience
The New School, Design & Technology

Refugees forced to leave and hosts who lack resource: how do we make peace between two sides of the conflict? This project empowers Rohingya refugees to tell stories narratively + environmentally: a documentary deep into loss of a daughter during migration; a VR journey through camp from eyes of its children.

Impossible Cities: Teaching Students to use VR/360 in Cross-campus Collaborations in the Global Digital Humanities
NYU, Global Liberal Studies
This collaborative student-created project considers the historical, cultural and social connections between 1968 and 2018 by creating 360 experiences that merge place and time through object-based archival research. This project is hoping to expand to other sites so that students can build a deeper understanding of the global.

The Melody Box
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

A technology-based toy to empower children’s ability to compose and play with music. Inspired by the interaction of the traditional hand-cranked music box, it's designed to offer people a new and intuitive experience to compose and play music without professional music training.

PrintCade: Invaders
CUNY Lehman College

A physical interface for the classic arcade game, “Space Invaders” built with recycled components. Players blast aliens projected on the wall above the piece while simultaneously creating physical feedback through the control interface that mimics the original 1980s arcade aesthetic.

While You Wait
The New School, Arts Management & Entrepreneurship

While You Wait uses 360º video to immerse the viewer into the performance space in a non-traditional performance setting. Our project gives people access to the arts by using their smartphone without having to physically be present.

NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Merry-Go-Sound is a playful music-making device — a sound sequencer inspired by old-school crank operated music boxes. Spoked discs encode sonic patterns, which can be combined to discover and create complex melodies.

Machine Timing
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Can we break the dawn of NYC with a sunrise from the Forbidden City, or can we resurrect Notre-Dame with our hundreds-of-years collective memories? “Machine Timing” is an experiment that explores the aesthetics, approaches, and constraints of using deep generative networks as a tool of time-manipulation in video footage.

Lamboozled! A Game-Based Approach to News Literacy
Columbia University Teachers College

Grounded in current research on news literacy and youth media consumption, Lamboozled! is an educational game about fake news, set in the fictional sheep town of Green Meadows - where, as the game’s tagline reads, “some news stories just want to pull the wool over your eyes!”

Islands of Sound
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Islands of Sound is an interactive interface where people can compose their own ambient sounds by touching different natural and synthetic objects. Projected graphics reflecting their unique energies will also be generated with the sounds.

The Coffee Shop Mystery: An AR-Enabled Mystery Adventure
NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Integrated Digital Media (IDM)

The Coffee Shop Mystery is the first AR-enabled Serial Mystery Adventure from Unseen Media. Players are tasked with becoming investigators and using a suite of AR detective tools combined with an evidence shipment in order to solve this transmedia mystery. Do you have what it takes to crack the case?

Crater Creators
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Crater Creators, collaborating with planetary geologist Dr.Steven Jaret, is an interactive game that educates the formation of the moon craters, inspired by a legacy of scientific exploration and science education.

The New School, Design & Technology

The HugMatch Earth game is a personalized educational game app that gives parents and children reading experiences in more inspirational and educational ways. We can capture the attention of young minds through a magical adventure to understand climate change and global warming issues.
The New School, Design & Technology

One of the biggest threats with free WiFi is the ability for hackers to position themselves between you and the connection point. changes the victim's location (address) field to the hackers(my) address field anytime they try to order food while using a public hotspot.

Lost bits
The New School, Design & Technology

Lost bits is made by subtracting compressed images from their original uncompressed versions. The result is the ‘unnecessary’ pixels that are either consolidated or left out by the algorithm. This relationship exemplifies the attitude of our fast paced society towards our goals and the things we leave behind to reach them.

Liquid Router
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Targeted advertising online is now a trillion-dollar industry. As we browse the internet, we are constantly leaking data, sending it out to third-party-trackers. The Liquid Router makes this invisible activity visible, by leaking liquid every time data is sent to a third-party, and simultaneously displaying the name of the tracker.

The School of Visual Arts, Animation

Cadmium is a creative tool for hand drawn animation that is powered by machine learning. An artist using our software is able to speed up labor intensive parts of the animation pipeline.

Five Facts About Tears
The New School, Design & Technology

This is a performance with five series of speculative wearable installations connecting my real tears, which explores the symbolic and hidden meaning behind “tears”.

The New School, Design & Technology

Auditory enrichment has been proven to relieve animal stress and improve animal welfare. Soundyssey is an interface for auditory enrichment which is intended to give control to elephants.

Columbia University

Flair is a platform that attempts to address the under-representation of women in male-dominated technological professions by creating a safe and empowering community where women can express and develop their tech identity, improve their tech skills on a personalized learning quest, and network with their peers.

NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program

Ofelia is a cross-platform real-time visual programming environment for creating audiovisual artwork or multimedia applications. Using Ofelia, users can flexibly choose between visual programming and text programming style based on their preference which makes it easier to use for beginners and advanced users.

The Ping Pong Machine
The New School, Design & Technology

The Ping Pong Machine is a web-based project exploring the harmony in interesting sounds in our mundane life that we often ignore. Users can play with the sampled Ping Pong sounds within the frame of sequencer or trigger the sounds on keyboard to the pre-arranged beats.

While You Wait
The New School, Arts Management & Entrepreneurship

While You Wait uses 360º video to immerse the viewer into the performance space in a non-traditional performance setting. The project gives people access to the arts by using their smartphone without having to physically be present.

FEELIT: A Small Box Used To Sense Weather
NYU Integrated Digital Media (IDM)

FEELIT is a device that could let people know how it feels outside through palpable temperature and weather visualization.

Emotion Recognition Lighting Design
New York City College of Technology (CUNY)

Emotion Recognition Lighting Design (ERLD) uses Emotive EPOC headsets to capture audience members' "real-time" emotions and simultaneously translate these emotions into colored lighting, reflecting collective emotional response in "real-time". Useful applications include social and environmental justice concerns such as global warming where isolation threatens to overwhelm commitment to action.

Reproductive Labor: A Retrospective
The New School, Design & Technology
Reproductive Labor: A Retrospective is an exhibition set in the year 2060 which features artifacts from the reproductive labor movement. It is a response to the lack of government provisions to support this form of work, which reproduces and sustains systems by posing a future reality in which the government invests in the reproduction of its labor force.

User Experience Capacity-Building (UXCB)
Pratt Institute

Organizations recognize the importance of providing well-designed digital interfaces that deliver great experiences for users, but many struggle to meet this goal. In this research poster, we will present User Experience Capacity-Building (UXCB) as a novel methodology for building, strengthening, and sustaining effective UX practices throughout an organization.

Columbia University

NewsGamer is a web based interactive story creation tool facilitating the creation of newsgames to help convey the complexities of policy in the media and in education.

Magnetic Fields
NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Magnetic Fields is a playful experimental installation which allows people to feel different magnetic movements in their hand. There are 4 designed magnetic fields and audience can hold a magnet and move their hand over the box. Each symbol gives a hint for the each unique haptic feedback generated by magnets.

The Graduate Center (CUNY) and Columbia University

SAKSHI is an interactive story discovery engine.

Mosquitoes vs. Humans
The Rockefeller University

Mosquitoes vs. Humans aims to start a conversation, highlighting mosquitoes as the deadliest animal in the world. In this multiplayer VR game, you are a New Jersey mosquito controller employing mosquito prevention measures to keep citizens safe -- or you are a mosquito, hungry for human blood.

The New School, Design & Technology

Hypertouch is an interactive installation that explores a 4-dimensional world. It utilizes haptic input and feedback to approach the concepts of 4D geometry and discuss human's limitations of perceiving an extra dimension.

The New School, Design & Technology

RE:FEEL is a portable device using a tactile interface and voice recorder to record both quantitative and qualitative emotional data. It allows people who are eager to practice mindfulness and build emotional resilience to express, record and reflect upon their emotional states and events throughout the course of a day.

After Image
The New School, Design & Technology

After Image is an artwork showcasing experiments done with an archive of my own family photographs in relation to a larger archive of South Indian studio photographs from the Studies in Tamil Studio Archives and Society. Each of these experiments employs machine learning techniques to surface semantic and visual patterns.


Location: New York City College of Technology (CUNY), 2nd Floor Lounge at 285 Jay Street

The NYCML’19 Demo Expo will host early-stage startup concepts from emerging entrepreneurs that are applying new technologies. The startup pavilion is a great way for investors and executives to meet the next wave of talent, while getting to know pre-seed companies as they continue to refine their ideas on campus. Many of the startups in this pavilion are faculty and students who are in the process of market validation and customer discovery, and are working through bootcamps and university-affiliated accelerator programs.

Participating Teams

Graceful Ray
Columbia University, Electrical Engineering

Graceful Ray brings the real world to virtual by creating photo-realistic 3D captures of any object or scene.

Window Solar Charger
School of Visual Arts, Interaction Design (IxD)

The Window Solar Charger is a designer solar panel that charges your devices. Unlike most solar panels, it's designed to hang in any window. For those who rent or can’t install solar panels on their roof, this is a small way to be more eco-friendly.

Columbia University, Computer Science

echoAR (; Techstars '19) is a cloud platform for augmented reality (AR) that provides tools and server-side infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy AR apps and content.

NYU Computer Science and Brown University Computer Science

Geopipe automatically builds rich 3D digital twins of the real world for gaming, simulation, architecture, and beyond. We make it possible to instantly build games in huge, immersive environments.

My Brain and Me
Columbia University Irvine Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry

My Brain and Me is a digital media platform in which individuals can upload their brain MRI and use an interactive user interface to explore and learn about their own brain. Like 23andme, but for brain scans, the platform aims to crowdsource data and help speed up mental health research.

The New School, Design & Technology
Ovee is a sexual & reproductive health hub for people with vaginas.

The King's College, Stanford University and Columbia University

VettNews wants to build a corrections dashboard that improves the accuracy, transparency, workflow, speed and efficiency of newsroom corrections processes. This fits with our company's mission of making citizens more savvy about the news media and news organizations more transparent with the public.

Cornell Tech, MBA

Grow is the platform for personal growth. Grow facilitates personal growth through the wisdom of your team with continuous and actionable feedback in the flow of work.

CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice and NYU Tandon School of Engineering

eWitness is a blockchain backed technology that creates islands of trust by establishing the origin and proving the integrity of media captured on cameras. With eWitness, seeing can be believing again.

Columbia University, Communications, Media, and Learning Technology Design

Justify is an ed tech app that teaches youth to critically assess digital information through evidence based argumentation. It engages audiences in learning through dialogue and media literacy practices.

The New School, Design & Technology

A web-based design app that makes brand design easy and accessible for all users.

Piki NYC
Cornell Tech

Piki helps you explore live music shows in NYC, based on the songs you love. Watch short music clips and decide what you like, while the algorithm finds the shows you won't wanna miss.

The New School, Strategic Design and Management

One size does not fit all anymore. People want to use thoughtful products and items and want to feel special and better. At JAIYOU we combine fashion and technology into orthotics, sports medicine and functional wearables.

Rx.Health Asthma Program
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY

The Bronx, NY has the highest rate of adult asthma in the country (~17%), and health providers have little knowledge of important patient asthma symptoms outside of clinic visits. Our demo provides a unique digital program to deliver educational content and gather patient reported symptoms through a HIPAA secure system.